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Project Engineer, Mechanical
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Informatie over de vervallen vacature

A challenging job.

Wat bieden wij je?

To the right candidate we offer an excellent salary, good educations and growth opportunities plus competitive secondary benefits.

Wat ga je doen?

Our client will be geared towards the future of complex metallurgy through the implementation of project(s). The innovative combination of pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes creates a competitive advantage that sets our client apart from the competition in various raw material segments and markets. In addition, new raw material markets can be opened that were not previously accessible. By processing additional raw materials and accelerating the extraction of precious metals in an efficient metallurgical concept, the division will provide a clearly positive contribution to the client’s results in the future.

As Project Engineer Mechanical you execute certain work packages and subtasks on your own responsibility within one or several subprojects. You reports to the referring Sub Project manager. The tasks consists mainly of changes, expansions or new construction within existing production facilities (“brownfield”).

For example, in a certain subproject, the following tasks need to be addressed:
- Relocation of the furnace’s metal tap from the eastern to the western side;
- Detailed planning of the metal tap and its chute including all related details;
- Detailed planning of the metal inlet into the new separation furnace;
- Adaptation of the furnace’s peripheric to the sterile requirements of the new separation furnace;
- Adaptation of the slag tap to the necessary requirements;
- Optimization of the slag chute (straightening, adjustment of the slope, exhaust);
- Expansion of the slag collection area from 2 to 3 pot-handling; including all technical details (swinging chute, distribution chute, exhaust system, cooling parts, bumpers etc.).

Similarly, there exist numerous tasks and working packages in the other subprojects, too, which could be handled by the jobholder. The Sub Project managers and the jobholder need to agree in collaboration about the actual activities.

Self-reliant execution of technical constructive work packages and subtasks within investment projects:
- Goal deliberation, in coordination with the customers (operations, maintenance)
- Baseline study, inventory
- Idea generation
- Concept development
- Budget planning
- Scheduling
- Detailed engineering
- Tender offer and procurement
- Site supervision
- Commissioning
- Acceptance and hand-over to the customer

Responsibilities within the job profile:
- Health and Safety
- Goal achievement
- Quality assurance
- Cost efficiency, keep the budget 
- Adherence to schedules

Wat breng je mee?

- You have a completed education with a degree on the Higher Professional Education (HBO / HTS) or University (WO / TU) level, preferably in Mechanical Engineering or comparable fields;
- You can build upon a wide experience of at least 10 years in plant engineering and construction for metallurgy;
- You have proven experience with working on projects;
- You have experience with CAD software, planning and documentation;
- You have a strong analytical approach, organizational efficiency, structured way of working and a distinct capacity for teamwork;
- You are able to communicate very well orally in both the English and German languages. If you are also able to write in both languages that is preferable;
- Detailed knowledge of metallurgy plants and equipment for pyrometallurgical applications, like: furnaces, refractories, tapping equipment, cooling devices, chutes, molds, etc. is preferred and will lead to further recommendation.

Waar ga je werken?

Hamburg - Germany

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